1.  What is the refund policy?  You will  have 7 days after you purchase the membership to decide if this travel club is for you. After the 7 dayshave past your purchase becomes non-refundable.
    2. Where can I travel?  You can travel to any of your favorite places,  Florida, Las vegas, California, New York, Paris, London, Italy, China,Greece, Caribbean Islands, South America and many more!  Choose to stay at a Hotel or take a cruise, your choice.
  • What if I lose my reservation information?  Your reservation information can always be found on the booking travel site.  In addition, you will be sent an email that includes your reservation information as you get closer to the date of travel.
  1. Is my payment information saved on the member’s site?  Absolutely NOT!  Credit Card information is never saved, you will have to re-enter your information each time you book.
  2. What if I find same hotel  for a lower price? “As a member, we promise you will never find a lower price anywhere, to any destination! If you do find something lower priced within 72hrs.of booking your stay, we will always match it—guaranteed!”
  3. How many trips can I book?  You may book unlimited amounts of trips, air flights and car rentals.
  4. Can I book flights and car rentals?  Yes!  Your member’s site is a one stop shop for all your travel needs.
  5. Can I speak to a live person to book a trip?  While you are unable to speak to a live person to book your trip, you can always contact the hotel, cruise line, airline or car rental to confirm your travel plans 24hrs. after you book on the members site.  (I say 24hrs as a worse case scenario, you may be able to confirm earlier)
  6. Can I call the Hotel or Cruise line to inquire about my reservation?  Absolutely!  Allow 24hrs before you inquire